Valkee Reviews

92% of winter blues sufferers experienced total symptom relief with 8-12 minutes of Valkee daily.
Valkee and its scientific program started in 2007 from the question: “What if our brain is sensitive to light?” 

Today, bright light is a well-accepted and effective treatment for a variety of mood swings and especially seasonal depression [1,2,3]. However, the mechanism of how light elevates the mood is not understood [4,5] and also extra-visual light generates significant responses [6]. Valkee’s scientific program focuses on resolving light-dependent biological processes and their therapeutic applications in mood swings, depression and sleep disorders for light channeled via ear canal.


This is such a great product. I was hesitant at first as it wasn’t like all the other lightboxes where is has a bright light but I thought I would try it anyway as it has some great reviews. I was presently surprised as the bright light shines into your ear, after a week of using this, my mood was so much better, I felt great and my energy was boosted.

I would recommend this product to anyone, plus people will think your just listening to an mp3 its very discreet!