About Us

Founded in 1996 SAD Hire Company is now one of the world’s leading seasonal affective disorder light therapy companies and is the UK Agent for many rental medicinal and beauty products such as Luminette, Innosol, Painsolv, BeautySkin, etc. As a company, they find it important that customers are pleased with the product that they purchase. Also, the company offers rental prices for some of their products, so it gives customers an opportunity to try out the product and see if that it works for them. As a result of the SLHC commitment to customer service, a helpful attitude and great value, business has doubled yearly since the company was formed. All this helps SLHC offer one of the largest ranges of light therapy equipment in the world including hundreds of Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamps and Natural Alarm Clocks.

The Sadlight Hire Company is located amongst the scenic view of Southport, UK,

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