Archives for September 13, 2013

Valkee Earlight

With the Valkee 2, we decide to launch a new blog to really show what the product is about !


We are excited to introduce the Valkee 2. It keeps winter blues at bay, and helps you feel your personal best, around the year, whatever the weather.

It also looks great. It’s carved out of a solid block of aluminum, with a durable, silk smooth surface. The LED-headset is redesigned for superior comfort and it’s detachable. There’s no need for a computer.


The Feebacks Spot

Valkee works, everyone will told you so ! 


“I am feeling better, and especially manage my job pressures.” –Male 35 years

“I have improved my cognitive performance. I am an active hockey player, and feel that I ‘see the field’ better.”–Male 30 years

“Now I have energy to play with kids after getting back to home.” –Female 36 years

“It is easy to wake up in the mornings. I sleep a lot better than earlier.” –Male 30 years

“I used to eat a lot of chocolate during winter time and when stressed, but not anymore. My food cravings have ended.” –Female 43 years

“I sleep extremely well, wake up fresh. I have used Valkee for 1 ½ weeks. I’ve noticed I no longer crave for sweets and chocolate, and I don’t feel hungry all the time anymore. Unbelievable! ” -Female 24 years